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1) adj. to turn off, or 'out', the lights

2) adj. when making sweet love to a girl, he pulls out before ejaculating and shoots on her face (see Bukkakke)
1) Time to hit the field. But first - Lights Out!!

2) Honey, if you don't bake me a pie, I'm going to give you Lights Out!!

3) That whore loves lights out all over her face
by Shawn Hunter - The Milf Hunter August 04, 2004
1) When a man ejaculates onto a person's face so their vision is blinded.

2) Choke a bitch
Shawne Merriman went lights out on Tila Tequila.

When I went lights out over this girl's face she couldn't find the handle to the bathroom.
by dodersesh September 07, 2009
When somebody drops a deuce and the fan is connected to the light switch. the switch is turned off when they leave. the stink permiates until a victim walks in to use it.
Hey bro don't go in there. It's lights out.
by steverxl January 14, 2009
Turning out the lights on someone while they are taking a dump!
I'm going to lights out Lt. Castro!

Lt Castro: Wuz up dawg, dat shit was whack, I was pinching one out in da dark
Me: DatZ right, you gotZ lightzed!
by Grave Diggaz' January 04, 2008
When I throw a pot through somebodys window.
by BMW745 March 30, 2003