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The action of looking from side to side, replicating a lighthouse. This occurs when one is being spoken to and they are attempting to locate a more interesting person to speak to elsewhere in the room while appearing to be listening to the person they are talking to.
I was trying to speak to cheryl last night but she wouldn't stop lighthousing which thoroughly put me off

Gerald was giving me another one of his lectures last night but as i started lighthousing he got the message and moved on
by Fotes April 18, 2010
To insert a flashlight into a body oriface (other than your mouth) so that when you open your mouth, a beacon of light is emitted, possibly from your eyes, too.
I was drawn through the dark by a beam of light, upon closer inspection, it was just my friend lighthousing with a flashlight.
by becca7775 July 23, 2007
when a guy pulls his foreskin back another guy puts his fore skin over the first guys bell end!
Tim lighthoused me in the shower
by Big Dave April 25, 2005

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