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1.) A simple word to describe the immense attractiveness of a member of the opposite sex.

2.) A continuation from the above definition, used to describe the immense attractiveness of a situation/event.

It is derived from the popular game show hosted by Paddy McGuiness, Take Me Out, in which Paddy had the catchphrase of "no likey, no lightey!"

"No lightey" can also be used to describe the opposite of the above definitions.

All variations must be said in a Lancashire accent, optimally a Bolton accent, as in the style of Paddy himself.
Whilst at the beach as a hot girl walks past, just turn to your friend and subtley (or not so subtley, depending on your style), whisper "lightey", while nodding in her direction.

After getting a slap from a girl on the beach for being a perve, just turn to your friend and exclaim "no lightey!"
by Fred Olsen July 20, 2010
lightey means that to be great.
"its propa lightey hu."
by Razza1212 March 01, 2005
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