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Dead beat dad, extremely arrogant bastard that has other people pay to raise his children. Would rather spend thousands of dollars buying total strangers at the bar drinks, instead of taking care of his children..He gets alittle shit on you and a little shit on me..He's #1 in his book...A total waste of oxygen...
If you leave your girlfreind and two kids with nothing and want the furniture too...you might be a lifeslob....If you never come to visit your children...you might be a lifeslob..If you refuse to pay any kind of childsupport or buy a box of diapers...you might be a lifeslob...If you buy a 30,000 car just to impress the ladies..when you live in a little apartment and don't have a pot to piss in...you might be a lifeslob....If the childrens grandparents have to pay to take care of your children...you might be a life slob..If your name is Cory...you might be a life slob!
by Tammette December 08, 2011
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