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Someone who generally fails at life.
Aaron: Dude check out that dude over there, he looks like an oompa loompa due to fake tan.

Richard: Such a Lifefail..
by Richard Wade June 10, 2008
Similar to epic fail, however a more monumental level of failure.
Kate: I walked into my door this morning, then into my roommate. Went to class, slipped on the ice, tripped getting off the bus. Got lunch and my pop exploded.

Jer: *glare*

Kate: I know, I know, fail!...

Jer: I wasn't going to say that...

Kate: What then?


by GrafixPenguin87 January 28, 2009
Someone who generally fails at life.
That guy is such a lifefail.
by Richard Wade June 11, 2008