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Book by Yann Martel about Piscine Molitor Patel and his adventures afloat with a tiger named Richard Parker.
I saw a copy of Life of Pi in the bookstore in Nyack and it had a totally different cover than my copy. I'm gonna buy it!
by McKizzle Bizzle April 28, 2005
A 100 chapter novel by Yann Martel. This highly symbolic and intricately woven tale is either the most crazy and symbolic book you will ever read in your life, or the longest and most boring books you will ever read in your life, depending on what teacher discuses it with you.
I pooped my pants today during the lecture on the book Life of Pi!
by TheBeeWard January 10, 2012
The most fucking boring and longest book I was ever forced to read. In the end the main character says the whole story was a lie anyway, so you end up waisting about two months of your life for a shitty ending.
person#1: dude I have to take notes over every chapter in life of pi for literature.
person#2: that fucking sucks. just go to print out theirs.
by boooooooooooooooks September 14, 2007

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