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A true American hero, a man who had a destiny. Forrest Gump's lieutenant in Vietnam who gets his legs amputated. Later, he helps Forrest get rich with Bubba Gump shrimp.
by TheBassMan69 July 13, 2008
The act of picking up an amputee (legless) for sex. See acrotomophilia
vietnam veterans without legs turn me on!
by kung-fu jesus September 06, 2004
The act of having sex with a man or woman, with their legs tied back, as if they had no lower parts of their legs, looking like Lieutenant Dan from the oscar winning film Forrest Gump.
"Yo, so did you Cincinnati bow-tie her, or did you let her give you a rusty trombone??" "Neither. I pulled the Lieutenant Dan, tied her legs back, made her cum like Forrest Gump running home."

"Ugh, my quads hurt so much from being lieutenant dan'd last night..."
by djblox March 05, 2010
A style of Modern Urban Survival. Based upon an Australian legend "the everyday man".
If you happen to lose your leg due to a random chainsaw or knitting accident you still show up for your mates BBQ with carton of beer and half a cow for the plate. You just pulled a Lieutenant Dan.
by Vincart October 01, 2006
A 1991 grey dodge caravan with a kal tire sticker on the back. Derived from forrest gumps "lietenant dan".
"hey guys! here comes lietenant dan!"
"lieutenant dan is a niiice ride!"
by Kirbs May 15, 2006
During intercourse with a woman, before cumming, the man chops off the woman's leg, thus making her like Liuetenant Dan from Forrest Gump
by Scott Jaffa February 11, 2003
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