Someone who's mother is illiterate. As much an insult as calling someone's mother a bitch.
"You fucking Lief!!"
by Joey March 26, 2005
Top Definition
1. Really slick, smooth. Is a big hit with the ladies.

2. To make out
1. Hes really Lief, he gets all the girls!

2. Did you see those two Liefing in the back of that car?
#mack #leif #liefing #liefed #macking
by Jordan A. H. August 13, 2007
The picture of generosity. A Lief is the kind of guy that will always have your back. He may be a little odd, but he's a great friend and he's always willing to write you a good job reference.
#generous #kind #friend #dependable #selfless #trustworthy
by sjf12d July 09, 2012
To enjoy,hate,or be in awe of something.
This concert is lief.
#cool #awesome #awe #wow #sweet #life
by Bhaveek Makan February 18, 2009
big motherfucker with an f ton of tattoos, usually done by themselves, and believes in reincarnation. Was once a tree.
"Oh my goodness Phillip! I just saw a real live lief!"
#trucker #jail inmate #steel worker #drill sergent #multiple gun owner
by Kaydie February 24, 2007
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