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Yeah, my parents had me Lieberman'd.
by Sneaky D October 18, 2003
95 32
Someone who has no friends, reads books all the time, and has no social life nor intelligence what-so-ever. This person is usually considered lower than the average NERD.
Regular Kid: Yo, kid why are you reading that book? Are you a lieberman?
Alex: What's a lieberman?
Regular Kid: You.
by Norton is NotRon November 22, 2007
30 40
A Lieberman (or to "Pull a Lieberman") is the act of winning something despite failing support (more specifically, winning an election when your party turns against you).
Bob just pulled a Lieberman; he won the race even after all of his friends said he wouldn't.
by Dane Roberts April 12, 2007
51 61
The only hope of the Democratic party
Joe Lieberman is the only Democrat who can beat Bush
by finaljedi September 11, 2003
34 219