To become a traitor to a cause; to betray like-minded friends.
Man, I can't believe Prop 8 passed.

Did you hear that Scott and Dave voted FOR the amendment .. I thought they were going to get married.

Yeah, Scott didn't want to committ, so he Lieberman'd the vote.
by frankjcapp November 07, 2008
Top Definition
Republican in Democrats clothing
Lieberman shoudl just give up and join the GOP.
by Meredith December 11, 2003
a polititian who looks like senator palpatine from starwars
zzzzhhzhhhzhz!!!! came the electricity from his fingers
by m0d November 05, 2003
a douchebag that uses a republican schtick to undermine democrats in the senate.
Sigh, It's another one of those lieberman types that's in sheep's clothing!
by alexis211 September 25, 2006
Verb: to break a promise, default on a debt or ask for the return of a gift or other item

Origin: taken from Sen Joe Lieberman's (Slave - Insurance Industry) habit of breaking his word, first to his constituents in CT, and now the American People
He gave me a gift, and now he's pulling a lieberman and asking for it back
by El Teatro Tornadizo December 22, 2009
noun. 1. Turning about, turncoat

2. The act of reversing a stance
3. A hypocritical action or view

4. An act with no regard for consequences, undertaken for selfish reasons
5. Tergiversation, undertaken for corrupt reasons

verb. 1. To turn about, betray one's principles, usually for selfish reasons

2. To reverse a stance
3. To undertake an action or express views hypocritically
4. To undertake an action with no regard for consequences, undertaken for selfish reasons

adj. 1. Characterized by the attributes of a lieberman
noun: E.g. The politician did a lieberman when he changed his vote after receiving bribes.
verb: E.g. The lobbyist said "All we need is one guy to lieberman, and we win!
adj.: E.g. In a lieberman move, the councilman voted against the school budget.
by angbob December 16, 2009
The ultimate safe word in S & M. When things have gone too far and you want to reverse course, lieberman is the word to use.
Donna "Should I put that in there"

Frank "No I don't want to feel like a pussy but im calling lieberman"
by Palinator January 26, 2010
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