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A fierce beating, spanking, switching, or an number of at-home corporeal punishments.
Stop picking on your cousin or you're gonna get a lickin'.
by benroeletsgo November 23, 2012
7 1
When a jamacian man delivers the takeaway with a satnav and is lickin (listening) to da tunes
hes lickin dis man
by Hudspeth July 16, 2008
17 9
Another term for a lesbian, carpet muncher, or butch.
You see those two chicks over there, they're lickin'!!!
by ItalStalAC November 10, 2010
8 1
When Drug business is slow, to "hunt" for sales (this can be dangerous) or look for people who owe you money.

"I'm out Lickin'."

"Lickin' on 20's in the lolo, 4 do (door), black on black......"
Rick Jiller
by Lucca Brassi March 26, 2009
4 0