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noun - relating to chinese buffets, lickage is employed as a recovery tactic after lobstering. however, due to its infrequent execution, it is regarded by many to be merely a technicality
"he won't try and lickage, we're better off just leaving before the waiters notice"
by buffetman March 02, 2009
5 27
A lighthearted jovial pursuit of random acts of kindness involving the usage of tongues.
Dude, get a picture of that lickage to post at www.lickage.com
by Lickage.com April 06, 2010
33 3
Brown nosing in forums, usually associated with cliques who have no friends in the real world.
this thread is embarrasingly full of lickage
by bossyboots69 December 10, 2010
4 14
the lickage just means the sex. it originated from kat and kay.
use it to describe hot people.

dougie poynter is the lickage. xD
by green day March 09, 2005
6 35