A term given to college students, who couldn't "cut it" in their desired majors and switched to liberal arts (AKA: Libby's)
Bill: Hey dude, I haven't seen that blonde girl Brittney in the library recently, what's up with that? She was hot.

George: Yeah bro, she doesn't spend five hours a day in there anymore studying Microbiology because she couldn't handle it anymore, she's one of the Libby's now.
by Gingabreadman186 May 06, 2009
Biggest flirt you will ever meet, flirts with your boyfriend and tries to steal other peoples boyfriends.
When Libby I around no boyfriend is safe
girl 1 : oh look there's Libby

* everyone scatters *
by Stevetheunicorn August 22, 2014
Another term for Ass to Mouth.
I pulled a libby on that fat chick from the club last night.
by BigDickRyan December 08, 2009
Crazy akward middle aged woman that loves to hastle young men...
libby: "Hey Darby! Hows your H.O.?
by Darby and Charlie February 13, 2009
Perpetual/ transcendent hottie.
Damn, I wish I could be a Libby.
by es. February 27, 2008
reely nice and cool girl who always stands up 4 her frends. She helps u get straitners. She proves how "the liar" is a liar and saves sum ppl like m*ichelle
m*ichelle:Libby so nice now i no the truth bout ********
by julezers June 12, 2005
a love bug who is just a lovey to all. children named cough cough enjoy touching her body.
oh my rabbi i love her who is that
i know shes a total libby
by UR LOVE April 29, 2008

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