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1) An Asian girl who really loves to dance and has cute dimples, cute inside and very lovable.
I met a girl today. She was a Liang. Oh how much i wish that i could be with her.
by Thetaiguydaniel January 04, 2012
1)Going monetarily overboard in an effort to win the affection or endearment of a member of the opposite sex.
2)Paying for an ex-girlfriend to go to law school on the east coast.
Vince pulled a real Liang when he continued to pay for Stacy to attend Hofstra Law after she already broke up with him once.
by Herm812 August 09, 2006
A guy with a huge dick who makes you cry in bed.

Every girls dream man. A real sweet talker, but everyone knows he just wants to get into your pants.

If you meet a liang, I suggest you drop your panties and fuck him.
I had sex with a liang last night. The guy is a genius!!
by Johnatemyapples June 02, 2016
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