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a kind caring person , who is very considerate towards others and is a good listener. Good to turn to in a crisis or to ask advice. Usually very attractive and intelligent
sometimes lian is confused with lean or other such words but is in fact a name for a girl
by someone random92 January 22, 2007
Lian is beautiful, has amazing brown eyes. She is the most important thing in your life, you will never forget Lian, I love Lian with all of my heart and i want her to know that. I love you Lian and i never want to stop talking to you, hearing you beautiful, gentle voice, never want to stop texting you never want to lose you from my life. Will you be my girlfriend Lian? <33333
I love you with all of my heart and i hope you are reading this. Will you be my Girlfriend Lian?
by colby gonzalez December 27, 2011
a kind caring person, who is very lovely towards others and is a good listener.

I love Lian quite some bit.
Also she is a person.

Wow look at Lian and David.
by Mysteryman1309 May 22, 2011
A beautiful, Smart, Amazing Woman. She is normally the most amazing woman you can ever meet. Usually of asian culture. Good to turn to in case of emergencies. Usually gives great advice. Usually a really funny woman. If you ever have a question she can always give you a good answer. Will always be there for you.
Wow, I think i love Lian <333333
Wow, Lian looks so nice today.
Lian is so smart.
by Colby.Gonzalez. December 25, 2011
Lian is a sexy,attractive, smart, easy going and great girlfriend material. She's the kind of girl you want to take home to introduce to your folks.
by Leavdv105 November 25, 2014
Lian is a handball player from Rancho Cucamonga. Very strong physically (1.87m, 98 kg), he is considered one of the best pivot players in the world, and was honored with the title of World Player of the Year in 2011. Known for his extreme agility and strike with his palm.
Dude that guys pretty good? Almost like Lian.

I wanna be like Lian.

If only I could meet Lian in real life.
by Indoboiii December 30, 2011
also known as Ah Lian. The typical kind of chinese girl only found in Singapore who listens to techno, speaks vulgar (mostly in Chinese and Hokkien). Often found with straight dyed hair. The female version of beng.
That Lian tried to pick a fight with me coz she taught I was staring at her. She thinks she's so nice to look at, is it?
by [kat] May 24, 2006
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