Lead vocalist of a massive rock band in the UK, he has pretty much his own style, he sounds like a blend of John Lennon, Ian Brown and John Lyndon. He has a great charisma both on stage and off which influences his fans to dress like him and even act like him! and buy Oasis's albums, even buy the poor albums as hardcore fans will go along with anything he and his brother Noel say. Having said this Liam is not a great vocalist, and is a poor songwriter, just listen to Little James, Born on a Different Cloud and Better Man, his lyrics don't and never will match up to his brothers lyrics. He is also very hypocrital, as he slangs other songwriters of such as Chris Martin and Damien Albarn and makes them out to be crap songwriters, he should take a look at himself as both C Martin and D Albarn have contributed and wrote more no.1's for their bands than Liam has for Oasis. I have to laugh when Liam says he is going to be the best songwriter in the country in the future, if it were'nt for his brother Noel and his amazing songwriting then there would be no Liam. Liam is a great performer their is no denying but he clearly overstates himself to much and his band.
Friend 1: What do you think of Liam Gallagher?

Friend 2: Great showman, mediocre vocalist, he could not sing the chorus to Acquiensce and his brother use to tell him how to sing, but he definately makes a great frontman.
by d. lucas June 06, 2005
Poor man's John Lennon.
Liam Gallagher is a mancunrian famous for being obsessed with the Beatles to the point of imitating John Lennon and in some cases claiming to have seen the ghost of, be the reincarnation of and be better than John Lennon.
He is a member of the over-rated rock band Oasis.
Oasis is famous for being a rip-off of the Beatles and numerous other bands.
by Boogaloo-Richie June 11, 2007
Lead singer of the british band Oasis he is a complete arsehole who thinks tht he is great. He slags song writers off and says that he is better than them when really he is not. If it was not for his brother noel (great player and song writer) there would be no oasis.
"Liam Gallacher is an arsehole"
by rfc_woody_rfc June 30, 2005
boring frontman, boring singer, boring person, sings in a boring band. he just stands there on stage, what a let down!
liam gallagher sould take a lesson from robert plant, bruce dickinson and freddi mercury on how to be a good frontman
by brutalcal November 30, 2007

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