Poor man's John Lennon.
Liam Gallagher is a mancunrian famous for being obsessed with the Beatles to the point of imitating John Lennon and in some cases claiming to have seen the ghost of, be the reincarnation of and be better than John Lennon.
He is a member of the over-rated rock band Oasis.
Oasis is famous for being a rip-off of the Beatles and numerous other bands.
by Boogaloo-Richie June 11, 2007
Lead singer of the british band Oasis he is a complete arsehole who thinks tht he is great. He slags song writers off and says that he is better than them when really he is not. If it was not for his brother noel (great player and song writer) there would be no oasis.
"Liam Gallacher is an arsehole"
by rfc_woody_rfc June 30, 2005
boring frontman, boring singer, boring person, sings in a boring band. he just stands there on stage, what a let down!
liam gallagher sould take a lesson from robert plant, bruce dickinson and freddi mercury on how to be a good frontman
by brutalcal November 30, 2007
I reckon he'd knock your dad out
"hello i'm a dad"
"oh no i've been knocked out"

See Liam Gallagher knocked out that dada
by Scramuel December 04, 2014

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