frontman of the most successful british band in ten years Oasis...

brother of Noel Gallagher...

great voice, great distinctive singing stance, and a rock star attitude...

Liam Gallagher: Discipline? I don't know the meaning of the word...
by Tallulah28 March 10, 2006
Liam Gallagher is the front man of Oasis. A band which come from Manchester and are amazing. Easily the best band around and have been for years now.
Liam Gallagher is a Rock and Roll legend.
by Sexy Rachel February 22, 2006
He is like a devil, he is like an angel, could he be other rather a rock vocalist? No Liam was born singing!
Liam Gallagher is the summa of the rock star, so his name could be a synonym of rock star
by alex December 19, 2003
The lead singer in a british rock band. Perfect sound for Oasis, if Liam was not in the band there would be no Oasis.
He has written songs like Songbird to Guess God Thinks I'm Abel.
He may be an asshole sometimes but he has tons of talent as seeing he can sing, play guitar, bass, piano, drums and cannot forget the tambourine.
Liam Gallagher Is God
by MeganTheCoolCat July 15, 2006
The greatest human being alive since John Lennon, no question.
Liam Gallagher's vocals are often imitated, but never equalled. Damon Albarn is a living proof.
by Oasis Fan November 06, 2006
I reckon he'd knock your dad out
"hello i'm a dad"
"oh no i've been knocked out"

See Liam Gallagher knocked out that dada
by Scramuel December 04, 2014
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