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a complete smart ass, kinda cute in that really weird way, shy but yet one of the loudest people you know, the kind of girl that would be there for you as long as you need her, and even if you hate her, always is up to something strange, a complete handfull but she always knows how to make someone smile. this is the kind of girl that would make any guy happy
man that liah and her shaninagins
by no you use a Pseudonym May 03, 2011
A complete smart ass. Hot and sexy in that weird way. Shy but is really outgoing. She can make anybody smile, but can be a bitch when she wants. A really good friend who would always have your back no matter how mad she is.
"What a smart ass!", "Must have been a Liah."
by throsummo March 27, 2015
one who lies frequently
Nelly is the biggest liah I know.
by Weeeee October 17, 2002
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