"the only major thing that Lexus has invented is the LS that virtually parks itself. Big deal. the S-class virtually drives itself. it will accelerate and come to a complete stop by itself. imagine driving in traffic and all you have to do is steer. beat that. Why does no one know about this, because Mercedes doesnt have to make cheesy commercials to show off their technology.'

You are misinformed. The LS ALSO virtually drives itself, using Dynamic Radar Cruise...it will acclerate and stop all by itself. And it has INNOVATIONS which the Germans can only dream of--it reads the lines on the road, and has pedestrian and object detection capabilities for front and rear, plus night vision. The Benz has night vision, but none of the other features!

Before you go off on your so-called enthusiast snobbery take a look at the growing numbers of politicians, CEOS, athletes, celebs, and yes even heads of state that are driving Lexus cars. Sure Mercedes is a lot older and more geriatric, but history will only take you so far. There's room for others.

"i'd like to see them sell a $190k SL65 wannable. no one would buy it. why? who the hell is gonna spend that much money on a japanese car that has no history, no prestige."

Hah, nice try. There are already 1,850 preorders for the $120K LS 600h L, and the $150,000-ish LF-A is coming out next year. It also has a waiting list.

Deny all you want, till the facts hit you in the face.
Nice try sticking to your old ideas about cars. But if Urban Dictionary wants to accept an uninformed attack rant against one car brand, they should also accept a rebuttal to those arguments. The facts as I've stated in my definition are quite clear--just google them and you'll find reputable sources to back them up. Lexus is certainly not the supreme luxury make in the world, but they can't be dismissed as outright marketing only either. They are an up-and-coming marque, ignore them at your peril.
by Talmachio March 24, 2007
lexus = Sex on wheels.

they have power,

an engine that'll never die

great looks

and just plain awesome-ness
my lexus just ate that ricer alive
by timmytimtimtim June 12, 2009
A Top of the line Luxury car built by the Toyota Motor Company Japan. The name 'LEXUS' meaning Luxury. EXport. to the US. L-EX-US. it does not mean "luxury edition for the us" because the japanese versions of the same car have sometimes had even greater luxury as with the toyota soarer (lexus sc400) where the japanese version had air suspension and gps back in 1991 where as the Lexus SC400 did not. but nowadays Toyota Motor Co. have adopted the Lexus name for it's luxury line in Japan as well even though the original name was meant just for the US.
I drive a Lexus SC400 which in japan is called a Toyota Soarer, I live in the united states so I have the Luxury Export to the US 'Lexus' version.
by carsnstuff May 26, 2010
The luxury division of Toyota. Lexus vehicles are other Toyota's not sold in the U.S. rebaged and revised. Lexus has been rated America's most popular luxury vehicle maker, and most durable luxury car maker in the world. They are durable, stylish, cheap (compared to it's competitors), and popular. Lexus vehicles van be found worldwide, first starting out in the U.S. with the LS line. Popularity gained, they expanded thier model line, and now thier on top.
My Lexus IS300 has 79,000 on the odo., and can beat a BMW M3 in a race.
by The car man August 24, 2009
A car everybody thinks is the coolest shit since sliced bread

but what they dont know is none of you can afford one cause all you do is troll all day about how lexus is better than mercedes. But really nobody cares what are you a spokeperson we dont give a shit what you think about either of the companies go grow a dick and get off the internet
this kids bragging about how lexus is better than mercedes

to bad hes dirt poor and cant afford either of these cars
by lionheart2189 October 10, 2010
OMG THAT IS FUNNY... Lexus is a poor man's car? And oh what a shame, manufactured by Toyota? Ironically... Toyota and Lexus consistenly rate near the top of JD Powers' quality rating... EVERY YEAR... Unfortunately BMW, Mercedes, and nearly every other German luxury car places damn near last! Oh by the way, CHRYSLER manufactures Mercedes. Shall I even begin to compare Toyota's quality with Chrysler?
Lexus is to gold terd nugget, as Mercedes is to expensive pile of dogshit...
by Sizzean July 07, 2006
Toyota's in-house luxury division. Build the Buicks of Japan - very quiet, cushy rides, nice isolation and outstanding reliability. Cool stuff if you are 60+ years old or have a family, but for anyone else, the clear choice is a BMW or Audi, cars with actual tuned steering feedback and road feel.
I love Lexus because I don't like driving.
by dsTReg July 18, 2009

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