Toyota's faux-luxury division; the cars are all either rebadged Camrys, Cressidas, Crowns or Land Crusiers. CR and other racist idiots call them luxury cars, but compared to a 760i, it becomes clear what they realy are
Q: Why did you by that camry> for another $19k, you could've gotten a "Lexus."

A: nah, I'll buy an "L" for the hood next week, and save the other $9,995 for the repairs I know I'll need

by jackjimturkey May 29, 2007
Here's the bottom line of Mercedes-Benz. While most kids are priveleged to have a Mercedes, they are usually the big POS's that they can find on a used car dealership for under $10k. You can't deny that Lexus has one of the lowest depreciation rates, even for models that were made in the late '90s. Also, there's no contest in technology. Lexus just came out with their new flagship which boasts the ability to park itself, how can you even compete with that? They are simply elite, and any one who drives a Mercedes is so '80s and trying way to hard to act rich. Basically, quit trying to act like your rich and work at a sweat shop so you can obtain a car that actually has value even through re-sale such as Lexus. You can't deny fact, bitches. And another thing, don't think that Mercedes mean you're rich because i'm pretty sure most of the bullshit M-B's that teens are pushing are the C-class and those are soooo poor you might as well just get a Toyota for that same price. Lastly, Nagasaki premium stereos are WAAAAAY elite to whatever trashy Mercedes push. The proof is in the defined bass.

Poser Loser: "Hey look I just got a Mercedes-Benz, i'm soooo rich."
Actual Rich Heritage: "Wow, cool, i guess. How Much did you pay for it?"
Poser Loser: "Well... $10k but LOOK a have a car phone that doesn't even work i'm sooooo cool!"
Actual Rich Heritage: "Ok well i'm going to get my Lexus Rx330 and use the integrated voice-activated technology."
by Don't hate on the real rich kids! September 01, 2006
LXU55, owned by some fly young Lexus driver in Peregian Beach, Queensland, Australia.

All cars strive to be as good as LXU55.
It’s not possible to own a Lexus, as good as LXU55, unless your

1) Me
2) Own LXU55 number plates
by LXU55 November 25, 2006
Correction: Lexus's are one of the worst quality car built.
German and Italian cars are the BEST QUALITY !!! they own everyone.

A Lexus is a pour man's Mercedes-Benz, Lexus is made by Toyota.

In Japan the same "Lexus" that people drive in the United states is called a Toyota there is no difference in the cars just that Toyota made up the Lexus name for America because Toyotas are know for being cheap and low quality.

So remember when you drive your Lexus and think your driving a classy expensive car your really driving a over priced Toyota with an "L" (Lexus) emblem on it.

Lexus basically copies everybody else like most Japanese car companies, everything Lexus advertises as a new feature on their cars has already been done by German car companies years ago, Lexus just copies their ideas puts them on their cars and advertises trying to make it look like their the only ones that have it and they try to make it look like they invented the feature/option.

I find Mercedes to be one of the best overall cars as well as one of the classiest because they are the oldest still-existing car company, they have been around for over 100 years. I have owned many and loved them all, they are all very high quality even with the low cost cars, from the fist Mercedes ever built to the newest they are all very, very high quality beautiful cars.

As with many other German and Italian cars.

Mercedes-Benz was behind many of the Innovations that make cars as great as they are today

German and Italian cars own!!! They are the Definition of quality.

Japanese and American cars suck.
Things like "air filtering" that Lexus just started using in their cars Mercedes-Benz and others had years before them.

Your Lexus is a Toyota, sorry.
by Mercedes-Benz, Owns October 12, 2005
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