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To embark upon an expedition of any kind, whether short or long, and without regard to the use of nagivation devices.
Since the art festival was downtown, Jack and Jill decided to Lewis and Clark over and check it out.

On the weekends, they like to Lewis and Clark around town, finding new restaurants to try and places to see.
by Prolixity November 18, 2009
(v.) To find one's way without using a map.
I forgot the atlas but I just Lewis and Clarked it and got there anyway.
by Ryan Byrne December 03, 2007
An act of the woman using her hands to masturbate the male by first using the penis as a rowing device while both male and female shout out "What's over there? " until the male is about to ejaculate, which then the male flips the female on her back, lifts both of her legs up and uses her ass as a chair while he tries to stuff his testicles inside of her anus, this part is called the "Treaty." When the male successfully stuffs his testicles inside the female's anus, the male quickly masturbates again, upon the moment he ejaculates, he kicks both legs back and shoots the female off of his now blue, blood starved balls and quickly stamps them on a piece of paper and begins to draw a map with the sweat, feces, and blood that cover his balls. The male quickly rolls the map up and saves it. This is called the Lewis and Clark
Me and my friend want to Lewis and Clark, but the drawer smells too bad already
by EtnaRee-l October 26, 2013
A variation of the Patrick Swayze, but with two males both sticking their penises into one girl's nostrils (one is each nostril)
Groff and the mexican sure want to Lewis and Clark Hugh...
by Casey January 15, 2004
Two wild and hot girls who always go on expeditions with their friends Poca and Saca that usually involve spooning and clark eating food that has already been in Lewis's mouth.
Man, That Lewis and Clark is way cooler than the old Lewis and Clark.
by Lewis September 22, 2004
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