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1.The suave act of leaning against an object, preferably a pole or a door whilst jamming to an MP3 device; usually with the volume turned at least 3/4ths of the way up. Turning and tilting your head 45 degrees to the side is optional.

When your Lewised, you tend to focus on nothing besides the music blasting from your earbuds, and radiating style.

2.The correct way to spell "Louis".
1. ex1- Kristen: "Did you see that guy all Lewised up on that pole over there? Wow."
Miranda: "Wow."

ex2- John: "I better get Lewised up at my spot before he beats me to it!"

2. ex: Lewis1 "Who the fuck spells "Lewis" with an "ou?"
Lewis2 "queers."
by Spotlight9024 May 15, 2008
227 242
sexy ;)
happy go lucky :D
lewis is sexy :D
lewis is happy go lucky
by burningicecube January 09, 2008
1147 650
Cool person who is socially magnetic
Guy 1:"People seemed to be drawn to Lewis for some reason"
Guy 2:"Yea kinda weird'
by Macartney August 13, 2008
863 521
A cool guy, who's smart, and athletic, and is known to be a major chick magnet.
Girl 1:Damn girl, you got yourself a Lewis!
Girl2: I know. He's all mine.
by Rayray51 January 31, 2009
762 477
A Lewis is abnormally funny, cute, level minded, sexy and great at checkers. A Lewis is a very rare creature, usually found deep in busy cities. They prefer to come out at night, and can usually be lured in with offers of cheap alcohol.
Hunter 1, 'hey let catch ourselves a lewis tonight'
Hunter 2, 'Great lets start $1 beers'
by Kinglewey September 18, 2012
281 172
gorgeous man who is very kind and loving. lovely guy to have aroud. very funny and you would have lots of good memorys with lewis.
friend1: hello
friend2: hi lewis
by hello12345katie March 30, 2012
204 124
Person who takes copious amounts of anabolic steroids, resulting in excessive amount of body acne, recessive hair loss and disappearance of testes. A Lewis also spends all day revising for exams that he doesn't even have. He also has a fetish for porn involving drug addicts.
"Hey Lewis, how's it going"

"Terrible! These steroids are wreaking havoc with my penis. I can't even get it up to Ron Jeremy's best bits!"
by innocentbystander2k11 November 08, 2011
377 311
One who is a master of drunken adventures. The adventure is normally to places of which little is known about. The pale skin of one is a beacon in the dark to all fellow adventurers. Known to have caught a keystalope, a lewis can be very cocky at times, but is still a valuable friend to have. Sometimes called kings, a Lewis will always be in search of a wild time.
That adventure was exactly like a lewis adventure.
by Boughetto1 April 10, 2009
392 349