An interconnecting series of psychological, sociological, and technological forces that errode our humanity, deny our freedom, and alienate us from nature. The opposite of anarchy.
Leviathan is all around us, so much so that we cannot identify it easily. It has a social contract, an invisible hand, and pink hair.
by Eddy July 18, 2004
big ass fish
"damn tat laviathan woman *points at morbidly obese woman* is bigger than your mom
by zuiqanomolis March 09, 2004
Greek slang term used to describe rocket propelled humans ascending to the heavens.
Leviathan was deserving of his ascent to the heavens...he got Leviathaned for talking smack...
by Greek Dictionary July 26, 2004
1.A steampunk series by Scott Westerfeld
2. Something very big
My favorite character in Leviathan is Bovril.
by The Billionth Random Monkey December 15, 2014

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