Demon of the deep.
Master of all that is evil.
Puts forth kindness.
Shows no weakness.
I am LEVIATHAN. Do not mistake kindness for weakness.
by LEVIATHAN November 24, 2003
The nickname for an extremely large and well shaped penis. also can be used as a synecdoche for the whole person.
Wow, Josh's leviathan is about to explode!
by thisisnotsam December 12, 2010
BD's monstrously massive cock, the largest of its kind.
B.D's leviathan came up from the deep to swallow its prey
by B. P. D. January 02, 2010
One of the four main demons of Satanism. The other three are Belial, Satan and Lucifer. If you are misinformed, please read The Satanic Bible by Anton Lavey. As strange as it seems, Satanics do NOT worship Satan. We find those four main demons as accepting them as something common, such as a tree, and we govern ourselves in that we worship ourselves. We make our own rules to live by, our own laws and our own lifestyles. ^^
Mojo: Out of the four, Leviathan is my favorite.
Shimi: Naw, Belial is much better.
by Shimi November 20, 2007
A Giant Behemoth that lived in the water. can be found in the book THE BIBLE.
Jeff gets on a boat and sails to the ocean to say 'HI LEVY" to the LEVIATHAN
by Private November 07, 2003
A. A very large Penis, in which many disrespectable females would like to "ride".
B. A Fat Whore. (Self Explanatory)
C. Referred to in the bible as "The Penis of Everlasting Life"
"Yeah he had a leviathan."
"Eww look at that fat leviathan" (james)
"I sucked the leviathan last night. It tasted like everlasting life and stuff."
by Bunnyas April 18, 2009
The giant dragon in the Bible
Leviathan was a giant dragon in the Bible
by Kenthar March 20, 2003

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