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Psychotic, crazy, insane, disturbed, demented, mentally deranged, in other words... off their fucking rocker. May also refer to any psychiatric ward, mental institution, or "looney bin".

Named after the 5th floor of Portsmouth Naval Hospital, (Portsmouth, Virginia) which houses the psychiatric ward and outpatient counselling programs, such as OCIP (Outpatient Crisis Intervention Program, later renamed Outpatient Cognitive Intervention Program). Often run by useless, never-set-sail REMFs (HM2s!).
"Did you hear about Ski?"

"Yeah, he busted his fist open punching the wall and smeared blood all over the place, so they hauled his ass off to Level Five."

"Last I saw he was arguing with that damn stuffed monkey of his; Ski is definitely Level Five."
by Dr Bubbles PhD June 10, 2009
a random saying we made up.
Me: Whoa that was cool!

Him: Yeah that was totally Level Five!
by gh hero #1 December 20, 2008

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