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When a Mexican, Mexican-American, Latina performs fellatio.

A la "Becky": oral sex performed by a White girl. In relation to common names of both races.
Man! Maria gave me that Letty last night! Man, it was good!!!
by Satanleather May 31, 2011
A female bully, masculine attitude. Likes to tease guys with her boobs then laugh at them. She likes to use her body to gain advantage over others. She often uses tactics to fool a guy into thinking she is different, then cheats. A girl who harbors envy and likes to pick on respectable smarter girls. Likes to beat other women to the punch by snatching up clothes before anyone has a chance to buy and wear them.
good girl #1: Hey, I just saw a pair of cute boots yesterday. I'm saving up to buy them.
Protagonist: oh that's great (planning on how to ruin girls day)

the next day:

Protagonist: (wearing the boots) Hey, so how do you like my new boots?
good girl #1: (feels bad, trying to pretend its ok) they are great.
good girl #2: wow, what a Letty
by closeyurlegsperusmellslikefish October 14, 2013
A loose person who will let you do whatever you want to them,a Letty has low standards, morals, and self-esteem.
A: You think I will get some
B: Of course you will, the woman's a Letty.
by da wordmann July 12, 2006
A woman who's inner strength is match only by her physical beauty. She personifies sex appeal in ways that would make Jackie Kennedy's head spin. Men want her, women want to be her. Her laugh is more pure and enjoyable than Mozart's most beautiful symphony. Her smile so infectious the CDC has issued warnings in all 50 states. To look into her eyes is to gaze upon heaven itself. She smells better than a field of wild flowers on the most perfect spring day. She is incredible.
Mark: Hey Rodney, why are you so happy, did you win the


Rodney: Better, last night I met a Letty.
by MerryPrankster February 10, 2010
A beautiful girl or woman, usually blonde or brunette. Has trust issues with girls and has mainly guy friends. She is sometimes known as a Juggalette, but she is very strong and works hard to be independent. When around good friends, a letty tends to bring out her wild side and occasionally likes to tounge punch the Death Star.
A Letty is a fun and outgoing person.

"I want to hang out with a Letty!"
by MissAzazel April 24, 2013
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