a substance that squirts from a tube like a caulk gun, such as sealer, glue, or, of course, caulk.
put a squirt of lettuce on that drawer to keep it stuck together
by ubernostrum June 15, 2004
Mad chill.
"Bro, I pounded a bunch of natties last night and fucked mad slampieces."

"Lettuce, bro.
by maximus chillus September 26, 2010
To suggest an activity or action. A faster way of saying "Let us".
Boy: Lettuce go to the beach.
Girl: Lettuce
by anthonyvenanzio April 02, 2009
1) A green leafy vegetable.
2) Same as head, as in blowjob.
"Dude, I'm gonna try to get some lettuce!"
by Jason October 01, 2003
A blow-job, as in "head" of lettuce.
Julius: Look at the dick-sucker on that little baby!

Cadillac: Yeah, I bet she gives great lettuce.
by CadillacZach June 02, 2005
another term for weed. origin linden new jersey
i want to get some lettuce because i want to get high .
by lindenheadd August 24, 2005
Money just Like cabbage.
Or Weed as in Drugs.
I got to got to pick up some lettuce.
by Jizzo Fortanel January 22, 2004
1. A person's hair or hairstyle.
Pete Rose has some of the worst lettuce on the planet.
by BadboyBill April 02, 2004

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