Getting something for nothing. When something is handed to you on a plate.
That last deal was a real Lethbridge.
by The Workers January 07, 2005
Top Definition
Arguably the best city in Canada to live. One of the only cities with a population under 80, 000 to have both a Community College and a University.
Lethbridge is a place where pissing your pants is koo
by The Business Man January 11, 2006
Lethbridge is a small town in southern Alberta which was voted the third most boring city in Canada. Filled with rednecks and Mormons, Lethbridge is dull and an uneventful town to live in. Most people are born and raised there and continue to live their for the rest of their lives, and usually never traveling further than Calgary.
Who wants to go to Lethbridge? Nobody, that's who.
by Experiencer May 25, 2013
place. Small Albertan town nestled in a small gorge in the centre of a parched featureless plain. Home to a good variety of second-hand shops and discount tire dealers but lacking any connection to the vibrant stone-quarrying industry that has placed Cardston on the map.

Home to the Broncos ice-curling team and twice voted Canacian Prairie Town of the Year.

Let's stop in Lethbridge and scrape these grasshopper bodies off the windshield.
by gnostic 1 February 23, 2013
Population exceeds 100,000. The common method of transportation is usually a Truck. Beef is the only food we find palatable. If an Albertan denies their love for beef, their either in denial or foreign.

Home of the Rock! Rock 106

Middle-Class life at it's best/worst! (Freedom isn't free, kiddo)
When you go to Lethbridge, don't forget to pick up a half-cow on your way home.
by FatBastardPC April 30, 2010
a r'n'b group made up of levi and his 3 brothas. they sing "in my room" and "handcuffs off".
"wen ya cum in2 ma room... 2nite.."
by leanne haynes January 30, 2005
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