LARGE PENIS v. tight pussy.usually results in lots of pain for her and stretching
dude that was the worst lethal injection ever.
by uncle remis January 21, 2007
Society's solution for eliminating Crips, Bloods, Pachucos, murderers, and other worthless slime ball criminals from among the living.
Liberal judges can overturn life sentences and set imprisoned Crips and Bloods loose on the streets. The best way to keep Crips and Bloods from committing any more crimes is to use lethal injection.
by Cap'n Bullmoose November 11, 2006
A sexual term referring to an extreme type of foreplay. The lethal injection is when a male succeeds in inserting his erect penis completely down a woman's throat and then ejaculates in her stomach, giving her a reason to eat those tums.
Yeah Bailey? I gave her a lethal injection the other day. She's had a stomache ache for three hours.
by Otse November 19, 2007
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