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Lesnic comes from the word forest(in Russian). It's originally from the eastern European parts and also Russia.

Lesnic is a last name for a few people. However this name may sound Russian but actually was originated in Poland. Therefore you can say ''Lesnic" is a Polish name.

People with the last name Lesnic are ultra-intelligent, clever, and physically powerful. They back down to no one. They often have an opinion to everything, but have respect in other's opinions. People with the last name "Lesnic" can be self centered at times as well.

Many men with the last name Lesnic are tall, strong, clever warriors. Literally, they are not to be messed with.

Women with last name Lesnic are athletic, fast, quick thinking gymnasts.
Person 1: Why are all Lesnic's so brutally intelligent?

Person 2: Because they are clever my friend.
by James Kevin April 08, 2013
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