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Accidentally being led astray by the incoherent babbling of a neurotic person that has lost all measure of common sense and understanding of reality.
1. You want to find out why you cannot load a website; The support representative tells you that you should not load that site because it supports North Korea's nuclear program and that it will damn your soul to all eternity.

2. You ask the bartender if they have any group discounts and he explain that the MMR vaccine causes childhood autism and you should start buying cod liver extract to replenish your aura.

3. You ask the woman at the counter if she can split the bill and she tells you that it cannot be split because it is uneven and if you want to have uneven bills you need to sign up to the members club program online.

You reflect on these and wonder what happened? who said what when? was it you? was it someone else? mid-sentence something? it finally dawns on you, you've been Leslied.
by GeekWithAKnife September 13, 2011
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Adj, To be Leslied
The act of being scammed online in a large purchase by a seller who never intended to deliver items.

The seller will then claim some ficticious reason why you will not receive a refund or the item.

ie; the buyer had irritated me.....
Dude got Leslie'd by Paying $5000 for a Harley motor only to have the seller lie about attempts to deliver and then refusing to refund because there has been some make believe slight....
by Mrkil November 27, 2013
To consume so much alcohol you end the night puking into a KFC bucket and nearly drowning in it. This is followed to going stealth mode outside and through the front door before smearing sick throughout the house ....

Also a sign of a good night !
"Fancy drinking tonight?"
"Mate, lets do it, I'm gonna get leslied!"
by JHibb May 06, 2014
making any type of any that may be related to Leslie d.
hey man i totally leslied last night and my boyfriend saw!!
by leslied April 21, 2005

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