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Leshae is a french name which means "The Life"

Leshae's are attreactive, beautiful and popular and enjoy the simple things of life.

Leshae's have good hearts. Everyone wishes to be as cool as them and are jealous when they can't compare. Leshae's are good friends who would never let you do stupid things alone, someone you could alwyas have a laugh with, someone who will always be there no matter what.
people try to bring them down but Leshae's will always end up winning...
Leshae's don't care if people judge them, because its there opinion, and only there family and friends know the real them!<3
Leshae's are beautiful
#leshae; beautiful #funny #popular #outgoing #loved by all #has good taste in clothing #has #swag!!
by 143 iloveyou January 17, 2012
Le'Shae is AMAZING! She is the epitome of a beautiful young lady. Le'Shae is one sexy mutha shut-cho-mouf! Le'Shae has a nice sized donk to be so slim! She's the most wonderfullest female in the world...and doesn't care if the word "wonderfullest" doesn't exist because she's just that amazing where she can come up with such creative words! Le'Shae is unique, sexy, and honest! What's there to not love about her? Not a damn thang ;)
"DAYUM Le'Shae got a phatty!"

"I want to be JUST like Le'Shae when I grow up"
#le'shae #shae #donk #phatty #beauty #love #sexy #honest #epitome #wonderful #amazing
by MyPseaudonym ;) March 07, 2011
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