a very confused masculine woman who wishes she had a penis or is in the process of having one surgically placed
"You know that girl is a total lesbiman...check out her wife beater."
by Jenniffer March 05, 2006
Top Definition
The word lesbiman originates from modern England, it is a word to describe men who are not only attracted to hot lesbians, but are in fact lesbians themselves, trapped within the body of a man.
"It's ok darling, I know I have a penis, but I'm a lesbiman at heart!"
by Joe January 12, 2005
A cis guy who is always attracted to queer girls and who is really a lesbian at heart.
A: Miles is dating another queer girl? What's up?
B: I know. He's such a lesbiman.

Guy friend: Want to come over to my house and listen to Ani Difranco?
Girl friend: How is it you are more of a lesbian than I am? You are a true lesbiman.
by jewnicorn__ February 03, 2014
A straight man who is very feminine (a male who acts stereotypically gay, but likes women).
"John G is so gay!"

"No, he's had 8 girl friends, he's just a lesbiman."
by B.EvanB. January 22, 2008
A male who embodies the stereotypical physical characteristics of a lesbian woman. This look is typically achieved as an accident of gay men who are naturally feminine in appearance (also generally associated with pudginess, wire-frame glasses, and spikey hair) attempting to look like butch men.
That bleach-blonde Asian homo smoking at Fiesta Cantina is such a lesbiman.
by PatrickSW August 15, 2007
A girl who has a physical attraction to another woman lesbian but dresses like a man and grows an ill stash and basically becomes a man with a vagina.
me: OMG, meg's sister is such a friggin lesbiman!
james: Yeah, check out her stash!
by rayjay April 04, 2006
gay standoffish hairy dude in a leather jock and/or harness who cruises the downtown bars till closing time still trying to look cool and masculine while at the same time trying not to appear desperate
"Hey guys, check out the lesbiman over at the bar trying to make up the rent before the weekends through"
by Squaddieskin February 09, 2009
A mannish depressive with delusions of gender.
She's not just butch, that boi. He's a lesbiman
by Aaron's Rod January 03, 2007
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