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Light Encoded Reality Matrix. Basicly the ablity to change the light frequencies of elementry particles to manifest a physical form.
I used LERM to help me manifest a new life
by AWAFTWAM November 15, 2011
0 1
Lerm is something amazing or something terible at the same time. It's something that can be or change or destcribe anything. Lerms are awesome!
I LERM you. <3

I LERM you. >:|

I LERMed that LERM! ;D

Kathy LERMS loudly.

LERM to the LERM
by karl de llama August 04, 2005
20 7
San Francisco slang for vegan pudding, oatmeal or porridge.
I brought home some LERM from the organic grocery.
by PiPPiLiNA November 07, 2002
4 1
A very blonde, very ditzy teenage girl who plays air guitar at work.
Lerm scares me.
by Chelsea May 13, 2003
10 12