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Nathan Freudenthal Leopold & Richard A. Loeb two wealthy collage students who hoped to commit the perfect crime.
they were unsuccsessful and after murdering a 14 year old boy they were sentenced to life in prision. leob died in prision, being attacked by fellow prisioner. after 33 years in prison, Leopold was released on parole,in prison he mastered 27 different languages. That year he wrote an autobiography titled Life plus Ninety Nine Years.
anyhow, they are often reffered to in pop culture and they have been an inspiration to films and such. like rope, swoon or the more recent (and i guess popular) murder by numbers.
Leopold and Loeb, believed themselves to be Nietzschean supermen who could commit a "perfect crime", like the type where everything is done right, so its like nothing had been done at all. they were very intelligent, but unsuccessful, obviously.
by Savoy Truffle July 06, 2008
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