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Sexy lil lady with sexy attitude
Leoni... The girl I love...
by Tim October 14, 2004
leoni or le - oni means the bitch is just fucking cool as biscuits
guys wanna be with her and girls well..they just wanna be her..

dats leoni alrite
by coolasshoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee October 19, 2010
Leoni, the girl who is the best girlfriend ever. She is absolutely stunning. Amazing hair, amazing body. She is beautiful, intelligent and helps her family all the time, she does the best she can do and should deserve an award.
L is for love, everlasting.

E is for enrich, a quality you share.

O is for orderly, a lifelong passion.

N is for noble, your regal bearing.

I is for instill, the lesson of life.

E is for exotic, no lack of spirit here!

Leoni, you are the most amazing person ever and you should deserve to know that.
I love you leoni.
Guy: Holy crap Leoni is hot she is like the perfect girlfriend.
Guy 2: Omg I know right? She is absolutely gorgeous.
Guy: She's pretty awesome at singing too.

by An awesome guy. April 20, 2013
Puerto rican, brown sugar baby who loves deeply, is fiercely loyal to family and a hard worker
Everyone should be lucky enough to have a Leonis in their life.
by MJ Reitmeyer June 19, 2008
god dam beautiful :P
A Wild leoni walked down the road
by iiNova May 31, 2015
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