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Angel face means having a beautiful face and or body

it also was a movie made in 1952 about a woman who would kill for the man she loved

Jared Leto's character in fight club was named angel face because he had a "pretty boy" look to him
Lisa is such an angel face
by xphoenixx823 October 22, 2007
a girl whos face contains beauty like that of an angel
do you see that corina archie, she is a real angelface
by morgan motherfucking dotson January 02, 2009
A face so unbelievably sexy that it had to have come from the heavens.
I can't function today because I'm still memorized by her angelface
by david.murray January 13, 2011
They are habit forming: colorful, creative, sparkly and vivacious an outside of the box rockin' kinda vixens. They have angel faces and tempers of the devil.
"Man i didnt know Angelface had such a temper!!!"
by AngelFave77 March 07, 2010
looks like an angel but is a real bitch when it comes down to it
she was such a fucking angelface
by Princess Angelface December 07, 2003
To beat someone/something up so badly that it is severely disfigured for a period of time after.

Derived from Jared Leto's character "Angel Face" in Fight Club - he is beaten to a pulp by the narrator and severly disfigured.
Guy:I'll Angel Face you.

Another Guy: My damn radio pissed me off so much I threw it across the room and Angel Faced it.
by Blood&Roses September 30, 2009