The woman of my life and my dreams. I can't wait to be near her.
I love you my Lena, you are too beautiful for words.
#freedom #beauty #truth #love #cat #fate #perfection
by YourAggelos November 23, 2013
A unique beauty.Usually her ethnic background would be russian or Asian, but typically Asian. Somehow is different without the intension of being different. Baby girl face, cooks well, has fashion sense,very friendly.
Even though i saw her for a second I think her name is lena
#asian #girl #sexy #marry #hot
by sillymanmuffin August 17, 2009
a very trusting girl, who puts on a brave face just to face the world she might seem tough on the outside, but shes dying on the inside. She falls in love to easily, she loves her friends and family she would do anything for them. Lena is just an amazing girl.
Damn, that girl is so amazing i think shes a lena
#hugs #loving #kisses #adorable #sexy
by sexy hobo3 September 04, 2011
1. An actually gorgeous girl who I love.
2. A choockhenn.
1. Me: Lena, I love you.
Lena: Yeah, I know.

2. Me: He's fit.
Lena: Yeh, but he's a vegetarian, so he won't get with you if you've just eaten some choockhenn.
#chicken #lena #gorgeous #love #yeah
by Emilyy=] March 25, 2008
A stunningly beautiful, intelligent, yet violent girl. Is naturally unique by every definition of the word- she sets her own trends and isn't afraid to be different. Can be quite eccentric, spontaneous, and impulsive. Likes tattoos. A leader. Generally other females are jealous of her due to the large amount of male attention she receives. She's a tomboy, preferring mudfights to slumber parties. She tends to live inside of her head a lot of the time. Sometimes lacking in emotion- commonly considered to be cold. Can be very manipulative; has many trust issues and defense mechanisms. She doesn't really open up to anyone. She rarely (if ever) likes anyone and almost never dates, despite numerous attempts by many different men at winning her over. Not usually social, she desires very few close friends to many acquaintances. However, don't be fooled. Though she truly cares for almost no one, the few who work hard enough to make it into her heart have gained an amazing life long friend. She is very loyal and will fight to the death for those she loves. It typically takes a lot to make her mad, but watch out. Once she's pissed, she's truly enraged. She will slash your tires and punch you in the face without thinking twice. Do not cross her.
Male #1, "Man... did you see that girl? She's amazing!"
Male #2, "Yep, that's Lena."
#beautiful #intelligent #violent #unique #leader #tomboy #stunning #spontaneous
by IchabodCrane August 09, 2011
A girl that goes to my school
Lena has long-ish hair
Ben knows her
by Ben cho December 24, 2004
A cool girl. She's very sensitive, and can fall apart at any moment. A great friend, and very beautiful. Very impressionable from her friends, and no matter what she says, will always be in some way, a child. She's very athletic, tries hard to please her mother, but always fails. Cries a lot. Deserves so much better than what she's got. Any guy would be crazy to not like her.
"I had a good friend once, her name was Lena."

"Hey, that girl's cute, she's a Lena."

"She's coloring, she must be a Lena."
#childish #sweet #nice #black #lazy
by Sayjay February 27, 2012
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