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A stunningly beautiful, intelligent, yet violent girl. Is naturally unique by every definition of the word- she sets her own trends and isn't afraid to be different. Can be quite eccentric, spontaneous, and impulsive. Likes tattoos. A leader. Generally other females are jealous of her due to the large amount of male attention she receives. She's a tomboy, preferring mudfights to slumber parties. She tends to live inside of her head a lot of the time. Sometimes lacking in emotion- commonly considered to be cold. Can be very manipulative; has many trust issues and defense mechanisms. She doesn't really open up to anyone. She rarely (if ever) likes anyone and almost never dates, despite numerous attempts by many different men at winning her over. Not usually social, she desires very few close friends to many acquaintances. However, don't be fooled. Though she truly cares for almost no one, the few who work hard enough to make it into her heart have gained an amazing life long friend. She is very loyal and will fight to the death for those she loves. It typically takes a lot to make her mad, but watch out. Once she's pissed, she's truly enraged. She will slash your tires and punch you in the face without thinking twice. Do not cross her.
Male #1, "Man... did you see that girl? She's amazing!"
Male #2, "Yep, that's Lena."
by IchabodCrane August 09, 2011
A violent, but beautiful girl who would kiss you then cut your balls off.
Lena just castrated the that poor young man.
by Kevi April 18, 2004
the most beautiful intelligent woman in the world. and im gonna marry her
by wrongsideoftheprism August 24, 2003
Beautiful and Graceful, with a smile
Yo nigga that girl is so Lena.
by Sexy Beast February 26, 2003
A beautiful woman with a charming yet fiesty personality. Having the most amazing body youve ever seen, she is extreamely seductive. A sweetheart, but not the one you want to cross. She will do anything for her true friends and family. Gorgeous eyes, nice teeth, and a banging body. Shes everything you could ever want, and more. If youre lucky enough to get with her, you dont want to let her go. She is one of a kind.
Youre dating Lena? Dont mess it up, or someone else will treat her right.
by qomaingunet106457 January 29, 2011
Girl who likes pasta
Me: Do you like pasta?
Lena: I love pasta :)
by AppleCow August 30, 2003
A smart kind young woman who would do anything for her friends. She is honest, trustworthy and listens well. People can come to her with their problems. She is a great friend.
Everyone needs a Lena in their life.
by jaysun722 March 21, 2010
A color full girl who is very social, and just like vodka mixes well with any thing tasteful.
Dude you have to meet this chick she is totally awesome and so lena but I think she has a boyfriend.
by CD Rios January 14, 2008