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A handsome guy who knows how to treat his woman. He usually has irresitible lips and is a great lover. Most often they have their stuff together and always drive. They don't take public transportation and spends a lot of money on the best drinks. He has an extensive closet filled with a variety of sneakers and clothes because looking good is a must! Lemny's are always well dressed and groomed down to perfection. Any woman falls in love with lemny instantly because he gives them world. He's good at everything especially cooking and knows how to have a good time. They usually have great bodies because they love the gym. He's a man because he makes sure his bills are paid, his dog is feed and his girl is happy!
Girl 1: hey I know a guy who is interested in you?
Girl 2. Its ok, I already have a boyfriend. I got a lemny.
Girl 1: Damn good job girl! Let me know where I can find a lemny. I need one!
by saltnpepper19 October 21, 2011

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