As an idea the leguansim is based on a type of individualistic principles. The distinction of the leguanistic individualism is that it is shaped in interaction with others. By keeping up with society's normative agendas the individual shapes a future life that occurs in the encounter between ideology and reality. A leguanist takes an active choice as an individual to go with the flow of society. They make sure that they do not stick out in their personal choices and performances. By "normalizing" their behavior the individual will not experience different kinds of oppression from the group. Leguanism helps people to a free life without having to make tough choices that may affect them personally.
Leguanism is based on the post-modernist analysis of the individual and the society.
by everydayman February 14, 2011
1. A political movement founded on the ideas that a person gives up their personal freedom for the good of the collective. In doing so the individual can be protected from evil and harm.

2. An economic theory in favour of cosmopolitanism as an instrument of understanding the monetary system.
by Caaarl February 04, 2011

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