Legend of Zelda has got to be the best video game series known to Earth history. Especially Twilight Princess. What a fucking badass game.

With the classic Link character somehow be the bravest thing anyone has ever seen to combat against horribly frightening monsters with ease. And saving the beautiful Princess Zelda or other characters that had been captured.

Don't know why its called the Legend of Zelda.. it should be called the Legend of Link. Because Zelda does shit all in every series.
"We should think about the Legend of Zelda, that Link is the most courageous thing ever, in the history of Hyrule."

"Link will save us all!"
"Yes! Let us put all the world's hopes and expectations on his shoulders!"

Poor Link..
by Today's Schedule March 27, 2007
Another video game series created by Shigeru Miyamoto that appeals to a more mature, harder thinking crowd than Super Mario Brothers. Awesome in the fact that Link, the main character, as young as he is, explores and fights the monsters that are invading his homeland of Hyrule.
The Legend of Zelda Storyline:

Zelda: Save me Link!
Link: I will need to find a strategy guide first!
by Xaivior13 March 09, 2008
One of the most successful video game series up to date. This game was created by Shigeru Miyamoto and was first released in 1987 by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

The multiple games in the series consist of puzzles, variety of weapons & tools, battling of different creatures, Intense Boss Battles, a great storyline, great soundtracks, and of course traveling through different lands and dungeons.

There have been around 20 Zelda games released including re-releases on a different system. There has been at least one Zelda game released for every Nintendo console created.

The game features a Hero named Link (Protagonist), a princess name Zelda, the villain which varies, but most famously is Ganondorf (Antagonist), Epona (his horse), and multiple other characters which varies with each game. Besides Key characters there are also a number of different races in the games including Goron, Zora, Hylian, and Gerudo. Most of the Zelda games are set in, but not limited to, the land of Hyrule and generally have 8 dungeons (including the final boss dungeons).

In a nutshell this game is basically about saving Princess Zelda and/or getting the Triforce.
"It’s dangerous to go alone, take this."-old man (legend of zelda, 1987)

If in need of more info contact me at chaotic_evil_kid@yahoo.com
by Kidevil December 29, 2008
The best weight-loss solution ever.
I lost a lot of weight because I was so into Legend of Zelda that I forgot to eat for two days. When I finally did eat, it was just a cookie and water, and I planted my SKINNY self down to beat the water temple. Equally as effective with Sims 2.
by @c June 30, 2010
An absolutely amazing game. It's got adventure, beautiful music, and of course some violence. What could make it better. Creator Shigeru Miyamoto is a genius, the series started in 1988.
Person: What the fuck is that game?
You: Are you fucking kidding me?!? It's Legend of Zelda, how could you not know that?
by pokemon218 June 05, 2014
A racsist game where an "evil" guerdo(black) guy named Ganondorf captures the blond white zelda and aryan race link has to kill ganondorf.The guerdo are seen as either thiefs or pirates in the series, in twilight princess there is a man named Barnes who sells bombs openly(weapons/explosives/terror dealer) bombs too. Ganondorf changed green and not black so they can get away with racism. It teacxhes kids to be racists(all characters against ganondorf) cultive(3 godeses of light) terorists(gorons)
Ganondorf : I just want to leave the guerdo valley(DISTRICT 9) to live with the rest in hyrule(Nazi Germany) but this link kid keeps beating me into submission(bullying)
Barnes: buy a bomb and attached it to an arrow to make a bomb arrow(RPG) and get rid of your enemies(terorism)
Link:YYYYYYAAAAAAAA( legend of zelda)
by VhLevan January 17, 2010
The only game series of its time to get WORSE as it progressed.
Stoned guy: Dude lets play Legend of Zelda, Wind Waker
Other Stoned Guy: Dude screw wind waker. That games gay. Lets go play A Link To The Past
by Ryan G Anzaldi November 24, 2006

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