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when streching out your legs they shake a little bit and it feels great.
Dude I just had a huge legasm.
by drake77779 September 18, 2008
An orgasm achieved by squeezing, caressing, or in some way stimulating the leg. Legasms are rare and often only achieved if you are, in fact, Katharine Duckett.
Wow, that knee surgery gave me one of the most intense legasms ever. They told me they'll never be able to use that operating table again!
by salamanderfiveface February 26, 2005
A severe charley horse in your leg that makes the muscles spasm or twitch uncontrollably
I'm having a Legasm in my left leg from that car accident.

When I try to stretch my leg, I get a Legasm.

Bae, I be having legasms everytime we fuck, and your fat ass is on top of me!
by AyejayLamar October 21, 2015
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