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1.)The first sign of the Apocalypse.
2.)The guy or chic in a porno movie who gets the money shot on the face.
3.)A fat lazy sloth that will eventually cause the downfall of mankind and eat the savior's baby.
1.)From the hellish sky, Lefferts will appear. Lefferts 3:16
2.)Hey, the chic just got Lefferts!
3.)Stop being such a lefferts.
by James Guerrieri December 16, 2004
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He is the epitomy of all things horrible and fat. Known for gobbling down cookies by the thousands, this mysterious creature dwells in a house with absolutely no interesting things, save for a computer and a weird family. Lefferts is sometimes known to venture out of his natural habitat and go to school, but sadly, he has trouble adapting. Usually Lefferts is an apathetic and lazy creature, however if you steal his food you will know that there is a wrath of the Lefferts boiling underneath it all.
Random Asian Person 1: "Oh my god! Lefferts is attacking the cookie jar!"

Random Asian Person 2: "Run for your life!!!"
by Haywood Jabloeme December 11, 2004
1. A fat waste of life who succeeds at nothing but wasting valuable natural resources.
2. The unpopular kid who is kicked off the shcool elections ballot because his posters "mock everything the administration has worked so hard to set up."
3. An 11th grader who does absolutely nothing in Physics class, but proceeds to ace every single fucking test.
4. A Scapegoat
Teacher: "What was that loud banging?"
Class: "LEFFERTS!"
by Jonnadiah December 13, 2004

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