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Skeet that is leet
That act of skeeting leetly
Leetly skeeting
That haxxorz just leet skeet on my feet
by Ek10C January 10, 2007
2 10

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A varatiaon of leet but more LEET then the original leet. Leet SKeet is higher then leet and is used to describe kick ass shit
such as a game or hardware or a person
" Man the new ATI card out is leet skeet"

"have you seen how leet skeet that dude is hes totally pwned me"
by Bone January 08, 2005
63 29
leet x 2= leet skeet

see leet for further info

super leet
leet x 2=leet skeet
headshot through wall/block + zero hacks= leet skeet
by Mr.L337 April 16, 2005
33 16
when you go a whole week without having sex so that you can save it up for a really hot chic. when your finally done there be so much skeet that it will be leet
dude ariel wants some leet skeet when she gets back from vacation so i cant whack off
by xDJ Sk1zzx July 29, 2009
2 14
something or someone that is extremely homosexual
person#1: im hella leet skeet
person#2: really? i thought you were straight
by the cool guy December 04, 2005
20 65