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A short girl who is the nicest person you'll ever meet. She's very conservative she keeps almost everything her boyfriend gives her. She's a very good kisser and loves hugs. She's rich and has high hopes for the future. She has brown hair and big brown eyes. She is one of the most faithful people ever. You never want to get on her bad side or she'll kill you. She loves frys, chick flicks, chocolate chip cookies, and chrysanthemums(flower). She has a very nice body and takes good care of herself.
Boy1: damn is that leesha
Boy2: yeah
Boy1: let's gang ban her!
Boy2: YUS
by Googoogagapoopstain September 24, 2013
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(British Slang) A girl who is so fierce and sexy that her boyfriend better "leash her."
*gorgeous girl walks by with boyfriend*

Guy 1: See that girl?
Guy 2: Damn, that's a Leesha!
by soraglyphs April 28, 2012

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