Either the bravest SOB in World of Warcraft history, or the stupidest; depending on your point of view. Rushed into an enemy stronghold alone, roaring his name; forcing the rest of his guild to follow and turning their chances of victory from 32.33(repeating)% to zero. At least he has chicken.

To "pull a Leeroy Jenkins" is to rush into a dangerous situation alone without following strategy, forcing your allies to follow and leading to the inevitable, definitive, graphic demise of your team. In essence, your entire team got wombo comboed because of you. If you don't try to laugh this off by saying, "At least I have chicken", or at the very least acknowledge your foolishness, you not only fail at the game, you fail at life.
Note: NEVER try to pull a Leeroy Jenkins if you're an actual member of the military. Chances are no one will make it out alive. And you won't even have chicken to comfort you.
"All right chums, let's do this. LEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY Jeeeeeenkins!"
"You really pulled a leeroy jenkins on that one, dumbass."
#wow #reckless #foolish #careless #idiot #dumbass
by MoKiller April 09, 2015
A lesser known Russian God, worshiped for his brave actions regarding dragons. He is also praised by gangs of latino chess players, for his amazing strategy.
Praise Stalin and also Leeroy Jenkins for they are our Gods.
#stalin #leeroy #internet #dragon #chess #latino #epicness
by Banzaar Gypsytooth Farrader November 29, 2011
1. The famous World of Warcraft player and Chicken Lover, known for his stupid act of running into a field of enemies before his team was ready. I guess he was too excited for his paladin shoulders or whatever he needed from that trip (I don't play WoW.)

2. My Xbox Live name (LeeroyJenkinz13) that all my friends make fun of me for, but everyone else loves it....
"God damnit Leeroy!!"
"Shit, well I'm dead. Are we all dead?...hhmmmm...Nice goin' Leeroy!"
"Leeroy you SUCK!"
"It's not my fault! It's not my fault..."

2. "...Ya well at least my Live name isn't Leeroy Jenkins..."
#idiot #stupid person #a legend #a chicken lover #an awesome gamertag
by The_Real_McCoy (LeeroyJenkinz13) January 03, 2008
To do something to intentionally piss one or more people off, for your own amusement.

Ex: Leeroy Jenkins, duh.

You can also use Leeroy for short.
Guy 1: "So yeah, I pissed a bunch of people off when I lit some A&F and Hollister clothes on fire, only to make a statement."
Guy 2: "I think they got the idea, Mr. Leeroy Jenkins."

Guy 1: " Dude, watch this shit."
*Goes and does some shit to piss everyone off*
Guy 2: "What a retard."
Guy 3: "He's not a retard, he's.."
Guy 2: "Goddamnit, Leeroy."
#leeroy jenkins #wowzors #noob #awesomeness #unforgiveable
by David777 August 25, 2008
Name of a retarded cat that doesn't know how to cover it's own poop in a litter box.
WOW it stinks, Leeroy Jenkins must have just pooped. That cat is so retarded it doesn't know how to use the litter box.
#leeroyed #jenkins #scred #asspie #meow
by Bitty Bumba March 10, 2007
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