To unintentionally (often stupidly) put oneself in a dangerous or undesired situation.
Don't ledger yourself. You just did a ledger.
by M. Featherline February 08, 2008
Top Definition
possibly the greatest person of all time. he is known for being great at the game "mobsters", and also known for having an extremely large nutsack - aka penis. this is the guy that all girls want to touch and get "giggidy" with, unless you are a fridget, which means you are the opposite of paris hilton.
Therefore, the term Ledger, can be used to describe someone who is good at gaming, and also someone who has extremely large genitals.
Peter: Man, you know that new kid?
Ron: Yeah, why?
Peter: He is SUCH a Ledger ey
Ron: zOMFG yes! He is level, like, 3456789!!!
Peter: I reckon! And plus! He is 21.7 inches!
Ron: FUCK!
by billy bob sunjon October 17, 2008
a ploy used by film studios to increase the box office draw of their movies by killing the star.
Exec: Dude, this new Soulmen movie sucks, I say we Ledger it.
Lackey: "Ledger it?"
Exec: yeah, we'll kill Hayes and Bernie and we'll have so many oscars we'll be shitting statues!
by Keith-tastic August 27, 2008
to Overdose on a variety of pills.
"dude, did you hear about john?"
"yeah, did he really ledger on sleeping pills"
by calikid03 March 09, 2010
to take copious amounts of narcotics and or booze to a point of losing self control, passing out, or death. usually refering to males.
i was so ledgered last nite
i seen your bro ledgering your stash
yeah, i'll hang i just dont wannna ledger myself like last weekend
by motorsidy August 10, 2008
To unintentionally take too much of a prescription drug. To unintentionally or intentionally prescribe too much of a prescription drug.
My doctor increased my dosage to 12mg, is he trying to ledger me?
by Kevin QC January 31, 2008
1. To piss in one's own sink.
2. A Northern cunt.
1. Sean ledgered.
2. Sean is a ledger.
by Chris Lowell October 23, 2007
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