The best player in the NBA. Kobe's time is up. Kobe needs to sit his old ass down somewhere & retire. People hate on LebRon and call him overrated but dey just mad cuz they broke as hell and dnt kno nothin about basketball. LeBron is better than Kobe, Wade, Carmello, and all dem other losers
"LeBron James is da best!!"
by desi1995 April 30, 2008
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A young black man that went straight to the NBA after highschool. The next thing he's going to do is pick up a white girl and get caught up. But he's turned around one of the sorriest teams in the NBA. Cleveland is now looking at the Playoffs and they couldn't have even thought about the playoffs without Lebron. Lebron is a good player and if he can keep his head right he'll be a great player.
Just be happy for him and stop hating.
by Doc February 28, 2004
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A player in the national basketball assosciation. He plays for the Clevland Cavaliers and is the only reason the Cavaliers made the playoffs.

Although people may say that from his solid statistics and for carrying an abismal team to the playoffs that he should have been named MVP in the 05-06 season.

However, the views of many analysts are that Lebron with his current lineup will never lead his team to an NBA Championship like Michael Jordan did his 4th season (equal to lebron's current season)

The bottom line is that if Lebron spends his career with the Cavs he will be known as "the guy who was almost as good as Jordan with worse stats, no dunk comp championships or Nba championships.

If he moves to a team with other good players eg New Jersey he will not be remembered as his all around stats would drop dramatically as he would not be the only decent player on the team

Lebron James will never deserve MVP
by LBJ hater May 16, 2006
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Smart For Leaving The Shitty Ass Cavs Who Will Never Win A Title And Bitch About Him Leaving But It Is There Fault.
lebron james is Smart For Leaving Fucking Cavs
by the king of kings102 October 18, 2010
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When a woman is standing a few feet from the bed, still facing it, and blindfolded. The man then runs and jumps off the bed and slaps the woman with his genitals.
"Maddie, you have a huge bruise on your face!"
"Yeah, Vince gave me a hardcore LeBron James last night."
by vb5 March 21, 2010
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the undisputed greatest player of all time to play in the NBA, and also to ever touch a basketball or any object that has ever had a rounded shape. The lord and saviour of Cleveland, Miami, and the United States of America. He is the Jesus Christ of the modern day era. Instead of feeding us, his followers, bread and fish, he feeds us with jaw-dropping plays and moments of true greatness. He is the main figure of following in almost every state and city in the United States of America (excluding Boston, Chicago, San Antonio, Detroit, Golden State, and Indiana) who disallow the following of our great lord because of their following of Satan, the great demon and their deviation from normality.
LeBron James, our god, right?
by LITERALLYLEBRON July 20, 2016
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the best basketball player in the universe,almost unstoppable and every other basketball player wants to be him. TEN TIMES BETTER THAN KOBE!
Lebron james got another triple double, how many is that ive lost count

"I hate lebron james for leaving clevland" He gave them 7 good years get over it
by THE RETREIVER January 04, 2011
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