1. The most overrated nba player EVER.

2. Before even his first season, idiots were comparing him to Michael Jordan.

3. Lebron James couldn't make jump shot if his life depended on it. All he does is take VERY close shots, lay-ups, and dunks (which can explain his rather high FG%). Ranked #8 in turnovers-per-game, but nobody wants to mention that...

4. Dwayne Wade is 100x better than LeBron James, yet he isn't overrated (what's up with that?)

5. Only averages 25 ppg because the Cavs lack a TRUE second scorer (notice how he only averaged a pitiful 16 ppg when Ricky Davis was on the team)

6. Give him 4 more seasons, THEN we can compare him to the legend known as Michael Jordan. But really, LeBron James was being compared to Michael BEFORE HE EVEN ENTERED THE LEAGUE. That's both disrespectful to Michael and ignorant.

7. Wannabe MVP of the year... pfft, if that happens, I'll stop watching NBA. If anybody deserves to be MVP of the year, it's Steve Nash.

8. Had a baby out of wed-lock.. nobody likes to mention that. Watch people, a couple years from now, he'll either be a Penny Hardaway or a Kobe Bryant.

9. Often referred to as King James by his fanboys.

10. ESPN is full of gays who are obsessed with "King James". Leave it to ESPN and you'll be convinced that LeBron James will average 30 ppg, 15 rpg, 20 apg, 10 spg, and 10 bpg.

11. Comes up with excuses not to particpate in the Slam Dunk contest because he knows he'll be overhyped and when he'll be embarrassed when the other participants show him out with their amazing dunks.
Don't believe the hype.

We all know that LeBron James pays people millions of dollars to kiss his ass.
by ssj marik February 18, 2005
verb. To fart a cloud of white powder into someone's face. Usually achieved by sprinkling baby-powder in your ass crack then farting a cloud in your partner's eager face. However, you can be creative; it works with many different powders and also can be done with queefs.
Hey baby get your sister I'm gonna Lebron James you both until you look like casper the ghost.

Dude, she let out a Lebron Cloud soo big that it started raining.
by P-B-J October 15, 2010
The act of choking in the 4th quarter and failing to win a ring. Synonyms include pussy and whiner.
Guy 1: Dude I pulled a lebron James yesterday!!
Guy 2: Haha you loser.
by Dirk n. July 05, 2011
One who plays in the NBA for the Cleveland Cavaliers who hacks none stop while he plays he is basically cheating by hacking and nobody can really stop him not even Dwight Howard and Dwight is 4 inches taller and stonger and is superman.. but he's legit so... Nobody can stop Lebron just for that reason he is a glitch whenever you watch him. Like a super bounce in halo or cheatcodes in Grand theft auto...
Lebron James hacker
by DOB Baby! May 20, 2009
When your hairline recedes to the top of your head.
I'm beginning to LeBron James, time to get Bosley.
by privateer May 09, 2012
When you're fucking a girl good and she's about to finish then randomly you decide to shit on her chest and move to Florida only to return 4 years later with your dick still hard and an apology.
Lebron James Lebrons James'd the fuck out of Cleveland
by Douche__bag July 11, 2014
A pussy that disappears when the game matters most.
"Hey did Mark do well on his SAT's?"

"Nah he pulled a Lebron James, cramped up, and had to be helped out of the room."
by Gregmcswag June 06, 2014
1. A basketball player who was paid 80 million dollars after high school to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

2. A young man with a bad nail-biting habit.
Hey, look, Lebron James is on camera biting his nails again.

Jesus Christ. You think he'd be able to afford a manicurist or something.
by Roach Clip January 13, 2004

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